Potok – Poetry and music

Julia Boman – voice, compositions
Jean-René Mourot – piano
Enrico Pedicone – percussion, live electronics
Guido Pedicone – live electronics

The new project « POTOK » came together in 2014. It draws inspiration from musical works around poetry composed by Steve Lacy, Carla Bley, Sergei Prokofiev, etc. as well as from contemporary classical music and free improvisation artists. In this project, the music is guided by the melodic lines of the chosen poems. Languages used include Russian, English, French or invented/improvised ones. Some of the tunes have written out melodies and arrangements; some works are completely improvised. Acoustic and electronic sounds are blended into an imporvised universe that depicts various states of human mind.

Potok’s web site

Potok. (c) 2015 madeos-images.com

Potok. (c) 2015 madeos-images.com