Bio (eng)

Born in Argentina, Enrico’s teenage years were influenced by rock, jazz, funk and reggae, musical genres that he practices as a drummer in several groups. After participating in a percussion festival, Enrico decided to put aside his composition studies at Cordoba University to devote himself exclusively to “classical” percussions.

In 2008, Enrico moved to Alsace, France, to continue his percussion studies at the Strasbourg Conservatory with Emmanuel Séjourné, Denis Riedinger and Stéphan Fougeroux. In 2010, he obtained his Percussion and Chamber Music Diploma, in 2011 his Musician’s National Superior Diploma, and in 2013 his Master’s in Musical Interpretation.

Living in Strasbourg has enabled him to develop his orchestral practice, especially with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rhine Opera and the Lorraine Opera, and, parallel to this, to premiere contemporary works with the Ensemble Vertebræ, to diffuse Argentinean folk music with the Rosa Galana duo, to work on his percussion repertoire with the Babel Trio and Duo Percosur, to discover instruments rarely seen in Argentina such as the zarb, the riqq and the bendir, and to begin studying electronic luthery.

Enrico is currently enrolled in the Electro-acoustic Creation and Interpretation course at the Superior Music Academy of Strasbourg, and he performs with groups such as Loomings (rock/contemporary music), Potok (jazz/poetry/free improvisation) and the Ensemble Vertebræ (contemporary music).

“I conceive a musical practice without borders among classical, popular, folk and contemporary music. To work with percussion instruments, from the simplest to the most complex ones, allows me to practice different styles and thus address myself to different kinds of audience. Boredom doesn’t exist in a percussionist’s life, with so many instruments to discover, explore, practice…”