Tunel (ENG)

Mika Oki – concept, video, music
Guido Pedicone – music
Enrico Pedicone – music

In the mist, beacons shine in the heart of an obscure ocean; the sky is covered by a white veil. Gradually the rays of light become stronger building horizontal and vertical pathways to the rhythm of the waves. This pathway of light makes us loose our way in a variable and inconsistent world. A vortex in which reality and infinity no longer exist.

By its evolutionary light sculptures punctuated by the sound, Tunel diverts projection standards by offering an audible and visual thinking about taking up space giving to the viewer an immersive experience. A stop in time and space.

Installation of 10 minuts presented during exhibitions: «l’Ècho du lieu» at the CEAAC, Février 2015, Strasbourg. «Avant-Première» at the HEAR, Mars 2015, Strasbourg.

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