Tramas (ENG)

Guido Pedicone – video
Enrico Pedicone – composition, kalimba, effects and loops

The visual and sound elements are the result of superimposing small cells in layers. Each individuala cell momentarily captures the attention of the viewer but once it is recognised becomes the background for the following element. This superimposition gives life to a vast array of textures and rhythmical games.

This piece is characterised by constant movement, each musical phrase leading us to an ever more intense stimulus. The image becomes a spontaneous response to the sound. Time is a deciding factor allowing the image to develop in conjunction with the cyclic rhythm of the music.

The sound is created by a kalimba, modified using a multi-effects pedal. A loop is used in order to record and modify the musical phrases in real-time.

The picture is created using semi translucent paper, felt tip pens and oil. Parts of the human body also become a part of the construction of the visual elements.

«Tramas» has been selected to be presented at the 2015 videomusic festival in Montreal, Canada.

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Enrico y Guido Pedicone - Tramas