Ensemble Vertebræ (ENG)

Olivia Abreu – flute

Anna Paolina Hasslacher – piano

Enrico Pedicone – percussion

Adam Starkie – clarinet

The Ensemble Vertebræ was created in 2009 with two main purposes: premiering works by young composers and the diffusion of contemporary music. Olivia Abreu, flautist, and Anna Paolina Hasslacher, pianist, both from Mexico, met at the Strasbourg Conservatory in France, while they were furthering their studies of contemporary repertoire. Having discovered a common interest, they determined to search for new repertory from the latter half of the 20th Century and from the 21st.

While based on a flute and piano duet, the Ensemble Vertebræ explores a variety of different formations – with voice, clarinet, viola, percussion…

The Ensemble Vertebræ has worked with composers such as: Bruno Ducol (France), Ivan Fedele (Italy), Beat Furrer (Austria), Luis de Pablo (Spain) and Iradj Sahbai (Iran), as with the Mexican composers (who have dedicated works to the Ensemble) Juan Pablo Muñoz, Víctor Ibarra, David Hernández-Ramos and Javier Compeán.

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Ensemble Vertebrae

Strasbourg – 2014